Hiring: Senior Vice President

October 25th, 2021


Jenni Byrne + Associates is a full-service public affairs agency that services clients across Canada and the US. We provide clients with a comprehensive approach to government and public relations. 

Our services include government relations, public relations, crisis management, digital campaigns, and media training. 

We are looking for a Senior Vice President to join our rapidly growing firm. This role will include managing client relationships, providing strategic communications advice, and monitoring government activity across Canada.


An ideal candidate will have a minimum track record of 5-10 years working in politics, public affairs, or government and have a deep understanding of how governments in Canada operate. 


If we are being honest, this doesn’t really matter to us. Our ideal candidate is experienced, smart, hungry, and driven. 


This position may require registering provincially and/or federally as a lobbyist. If you have restrictions, that’s ok! Just let us know in advance. 


Our ideal candidate will be located in Ottawa or Toronto. 

Apply Now: 

Please send your CV and a cover letter to [email protected] by November 30th, 2021