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JB+A Capital Markets is a full-service financial advisory firm that brings together experience in investor relations, communications, media relations, capital markets, and global politics. In today’s markets, an understanding of forward-looking political trends has never been so necessary. The world is changing rapidly, and investors are looking for companies that are leading, not simply following trends. Our team at JB+A Capital Markets is ready to provide your company with market analysis, investor relations, digital campaigns, public relations, crisis management, ESG, and political guidance.

Our Managing Director, Donald Stewart spent 20 years on Bay Street, including 12 years as Executive Director at Morgan Stanley where he traded and advised Canada’s largest pension funds and mutual funds, and 7 years at BMO Capital Markets where he pioneered algorithmic trading into the Canadian marketplace. Donald is a Professional Engineer, CFA Charterholder, and the Honorary Lieutenant Colonel of 2 Intelligence Company of the Canadian Armed Forces.

JB+A Capital Markets is a division of Jenni Byrne + Associates.

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Investor Relations

Have you set an IR strategy alongside your business strategy? Whether you are publicly traded, working toward an IPO, or just you feel your existing strategy needs an overhaul, we are here to take your investor relations to a new level. We develop and oversee the execution of strategic investor relations plans that align with your long-term business goals.

Connect with the Street

Let us serve as your conduit to the Street. Take advantage of our domestic and international networks and knowledge of the capital markets to ensure you connect with the right institutional investors, sell-side research analysts, equity salespeople, traders, and investment bankers. We can plan and oversee execution of key investor events, including your AGM, investor roadshows, and investor days.

Capital Markets Communication

We take an active approach with the investment community and craft a differentiated message tailored to your target audience. Effective capital markets communication is part of a long-term business plan that will help build your credibility with the Street and improve your dialogue with investors. Our team has a combined 50 years of experience working directly with investors and the media.

Capital Markets Monitoring

Our deep understanding of Capital Markets allows us to provide you with a complete understanding of your shareholder base and trends in its change over time. We can monitor your stock’s trading dynamics to report on institutional shareholder activity and share performance analysis for your C-Suite and Board of Directors.

ESG: Environmental, Social, and Governance

We can help you identify ESG issues particular to your company and industry and benchmark your performance versus your peers. Understanding the issues and where you stack up will allow us to help you to create an ESG strategy. We can then identify ESG-focused investors whose characteristics are a fit for your investment story – potentially expanding and diversifying your shareholder base.

Corporate Communications and Media Relations

We build every strategic communications and investor relations plan knowing that every client’s situation is unique and requires an individualized approach. Whether our client’s audience is government, the general public, consumers, or shareholders, our team develops an approach that effectively communicates their message to the desired audience. Communications in 2020 requires a holistic approach, carefully balancing the right mix of traditional media, social media, alternative media, and direct communications. At JB+A Capital, we shape your message to suit your individual needs and to ensure your voice is heard and understood.

Digital and Social Media Campaigns

In today’s capital markets, your social media communications need to be aligned with your investor relations goals. We help companies build digital campaigns to get their message to the right people online across a multitude of platforms. Our digital services monitor how investors and other stakeholders are responding to your message, providing a deeper understanding of how to improve your communications.

Crisis Communications and Issues Management

Building a brand or reputation can take a lifetime, sometimes a generation. At JB+A Capital Markets, we help clients protect both. In the era of the 24-hour news cycle and social media, we understand how quickly false and inflammatory information can spread. Our team of seasoned crisis managers can help manage the most difficult and delicate situations, ensuring the proper information is delivered to the audience that needs to hear it. We know our clients most precious asset is their reputation and we will use every tool at our disposal to protect it.

IPO Services

Pre-IPO planning is a crucial stage for any company wishing to tap the capital markets. Our expertise, coupled with our deep and broad network of experienced professionals, can help guide your company through the process. Allow us to help develop you pre- and post-IPO communications and IR strategies, and leverage our relationships to help your offering succeed.


The Investor Relations Office of 2021  |  November 2020

COVID-19 has impacted our world in an unprecedented way. Read our thoughts on how that effects investor relations in 2021 and beyond.

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