Michaela Johnson, Associate at Jenni Byrne + Associates, combines federal & private sector experience, including parliamentary service and election campaigns."

Michaela Johnson


Throughout her career, Michaela Johnson has gained experience working in a range of different roles within the federal public sector and the private sector. She began her political experience in 2017 when she served as a Page in the House of Commons. In this role, she observed policymaking firsthand and had the opportunity to listen to differing perspectives on a wide range of issues, providing her with the ability to see all sides of an argument. Beginning in 2019, Michaela worked for a federal Member of Parliament for three years. Along with working in the Parliamentary office, Michaela assisted with the Member’s 2019 and 2021 re-election campaigns. Prior to joining JB+A, Michaela worked in the private wealth management sector. Michaela completed a dual honours degree in Economics and Public Policy at the University of Ottawa in 2021.

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