Our Values at Jenni Byrne + Associates

At Jenni Byrne + Associates, we value those who are unconventional and driven by an unshakable sense of purpose in everything they do.


Direct interaction and constructive criticism are the norm, not the exception at JB+A.

When our clients succeed, we succeed.

We believe in a great sense of duty to Canada, the greatest country in the world. We’ve spent our careers in public service and stand against those who wish Canada harm.

We recognize good ideas cannot grow without adequate support and work to foster an environment where good ideas spread like wildfire.

We hire people, not computers. We are fascinated by people, and so, we are interested in what you’re excellent at. People drive technology, not the other way around.

We take pride in our work and we don’t defer accountability. Each human being has been awarded individual responsibility.

We want our people to think several moves ahead in all that they do. As a company, we believe this mentality yields the best results.

We believe in seeking leadership and taking initiative. Our firm’s success is directly correlated to the personal and professional development of our staff.

We oppose groupthink and encourage robust debate. When an idea is too widely accepted, we appoint someone to take the other side of the argument.

We prioritize family, friendships, and health. Performance at work cannot be sustained without happiness in your life outside of work. We will do everything we can to ensure your work does not impede your happiness.

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