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Promoting Women in Business

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to get more women into positions of influence and to change the public conversation about women being appointed to corporate boards of directors and executive positions. Currently, women hold just 28.9% of the board seats on TSX listed companies and only 5% of the board chair seats.

We believe this needs to change.

Our organization is dedicated to encouraging public and private sector organizations to place women in positions of power and to inspire the next generation of female leaders. The J&M Leadership Network helps companies recruit talented, experienced women to serve on their Board of Directors and in the C-Suite. 

Beyond recruiting talented women, the J&M Leadership Network focus on changing the public narrative by hosting speaker and networking events for women at all stages of their career including, young female professionals. These events are dedicated to promoting the advancement of women in business.

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The J&M Leadership network supports public and private sector companies recruit and train female leaders to sit on boards of directors and work in the C-Suite. Working with top industry recruiters and drawing on the extensive network, the J&M Leadership Network helps companies find women that add value to their organizations.

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Speaker Events

The J&M Leadership Network works with private and public sector organizations to host speaker events (online for the moment), including:

  • featured panels of accomplished women from politics, business, law, and the public service;
  • Mentorship and advancement seminars;
  • Guest speaker at industry and leadership conferences.

These events are meant to inspire and educate women looking to advance their careers into the C-Suite and board room.

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Meet the team behind the J&M Leadership Network

Michele Cadario Headshot

Michele Cadario

CEO, Vanguard Strategy Inc.

Michele was the first woman in Canada to run a national election as Campaign Director for the Liberal Party in 2004 following her success as National Director for Paul Martin’s leadership campaign. She served as Deputy Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Martin and was a key member of each of his transition teams. More recently she was a senior strategist in the 2013 & 2017 BC Liberal campaigns and Deputy Chief of Staff to Premier Christy Clark until 2017. Today, Michele is CEO of Vanguard Strategy Inc., a consulting firm specializing in organizational structuring, strategic communications, and issues management and a Principal of J&M Network. Michele is also a regular political television commentator.

Jenni Byrne Headshot

Jenni Byrne

CEO, Jenni Byrne + Associates

Jenni Byrne is the CEO and co-founder of Jenni Byrne + Associates. She has spent her career working at the highest levels of Canadian politics. In 2011, she became the first woman to win a majority government as campaign manager for Stephen Harper at age 34. She also served as Deputy Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Director of Operations and Principal Secretary for Premier Doug Ford, and appears regularly as a panelist on CBC News, CTV News, CP24.

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