Our work with Little Warriors

At Jenni Byrne + Associates, we pride ourselves on lending our advocacy services for meaningful causes. One such cause is an incredible national charitable organization, Little Warriors. 

Founded in 2005, Little Warriors is focused on the awareness, prevention, and most notably, its innovative, evidence-based treatment of childhood sexual abuse trauma. Little Warriors supports young survivors and their families through the healing process, providing intensive, specialized, clinical therapy and a much-needed source of hope and encouragement. Founder, Glori Meldrum, a survivor of sexual abuse herself, was recently honoured by Canada’s Governor General for her tireless advocacy. 

Little Warriors is a world-class centre of excellence in the area of child sexual abuse therapy and treatment. The “Be Brave Ranch”, treatment facility stands as a testament to their dedication. This one-of-a-kind camp-like setting offers a range of therapies tailored to help young survivors overcome trauma and rebuild their lives. From individual counselling to group therapy, music, art, animal-assisted therapy and other holistic approaches, the Ranch is a sanctuary of transformation. In fact, studies show that after only one round of treatment (12 days), victims experience a roughly 20%+ improvement in quality of life and self-esteem, as well as a 30% to 68% reduction in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD), Depression, and Anxiety. These gains continue to increase over time and have proven to be sustainable. Little Warriors has always focused on measured outcomes through continuing, third-party research by Little Warriors, Greenspace, and the University of Alberta’s Department of Psychiatry. 

Their commitment doesn’t end with treatment. Little Warriors also spearheads educational initiatives aimed at preventing childhood sexual abuse, including the Prevent It! Program for adults. This evidence-based workshop has been instrumental in improving the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours of participants regarding child sexual abuse prevention. In fact, an adult who takes the program has the opportunity to stop up to 10 CSA cases in their lifetime, further demonstrating the power of Little Warriors’ programming. Youth aged 8-17 and parents/caregivers, teachers, coaches, or others who interact with children can also access Little Warriors’ Be Brave Bridge “Community” programs on its website, littlewarriors.ca


The incidence of child sexual abuse is unfortunately rising in Canada. In 2020, the overall rate of online child sexual exploitation and abuse was 131 incidents per 100,000 children and youth, compared with 50 incidents per 100,000 children and youth in 2014. Unfortunately, statistics show that approximately 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused before they turn 18.

As Little Warriors looks to the future, enhancing the Be Brave Ranch and broadening the scope of their programs and referral networks are core priorities. Be Brave Ranch expansion plans are ambitious yet essential to ensuring more children who have suffered sexual abuse trauma can achieve positive outcomes in their lives. Broadening the reach of their awareness and prevention programming creates a safer environment for children nationwide. Enhancing their referral process and augmenting therapeutic and educational services will foster a more robust healing journey for survivors. 

In 2023, Little Warriors unveiled its new Family Program to support and offer therapy to the parents or caregivers and siblings that Little Warriors treats, both at Be Brave Ranch and through its online Be Brave Bridge “Intensive” Programs. 

Jenni Byrne + Associates has been integral in connecting Little Warriors with government entities, offering advocacy and government relations support. Our team is proud of this collaboration and is dedicated to amplifying the voice of Little Warriors and aiding in the realization of their ambitious goals.


The vast majority of Little Warriors’ operations are maintained thanks to the generosity of private donors, allowing them to continue to offer programming that is financially barrier-free toward their vital mission. Little Warriors is funded by individual contributions, corporate donations, grants, and third-party events/initiatives. As the organization works to serve more CSA survivors, Little Warriors needs your help to make this dream a reality. 

We at Jenni Byrne + Associates strongly believe in the power of collective effort. Supporting Little Warriors means contributing to a cause that goes beyond immediate aid—it’s an investment in a future where children can thrive in safety. Your support is crucial in helping them realize their expansion goals and continue their vital work. 

As we set time aside to focus on our loved ones this Family Day, we ask that you join us in this vital mission and help support this organization through donations. Together, we can help Little Warriors extend their healing touch and preventative education to more communities, safeguarding our children’s future. 


For more detailed information about Little Warriors, their programs, and how you can help, please visit their website. To learn more about the prestigious award they received and the impact of their work, consider exploring this article.

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